Musician and director Rob Zombie is one busy dude. In addition to wrapping up post production on his new film ‘The Lords of Salem’ and heading into the studio to record a new album, he has unveiled a creepy new commercial for AMDRO Ant Bait which features actor Clint Howard.

The rock star is no stranger to commercials, as he previously took on dirty clothes by directing a Woolite commercial. This is not the first time Zombie and Howard have worked with each other, as Howard appears in‘The Lords of Salem’ and the Zombie-directed installment of ‘Halloween.’

Zombie tells FEARnet that "working with Clint again was a blast." He goes on to say, "Actually it worked out great since the agency wanted a Clint Howard type for the spot. So naturally I said ‘How about if I just call the real guy and see if he's interested?' He was, and the rest is ant-killing history."

In the commercial, Clint Howard, who's the brother of director Ron Howard, plays an eerie fed up guy who is driven to the brink of insanity as he plans the demise of his tiny foes. The commercial is called ‘Death Note!’ and the message Howard sends to the microscopic miscreants is a very direct one, ‘You Will Die Ants.’ Check out the incredibly entertaining commercial below:

Watch Rob Zombie’s AMDRO Ant Bait Commercial