Rob Zombie is turning to his fans to help make his next horror flick '31.' The rocker/director recently announced a new crowd-funding campaign to help offset the costs of the film and he recently spoke with Revolver about his reasoning for the fundraising decision.

In the video above, Zombie states, "The obvious question is, 'Why are you crowd funding? Why are you doing this? You've made other movies with studios. You've never done it before.' I mean, it's a question I ask myself too. But, as the years go on, the game changes all the time, and a movie that you could get made years ago, you cannot get made anymore, because the business changes, things change. And I've noticed that, there's also a lot of aspects of the crowd funding that were sort of taking place already, where people always wanna buy props or own a piece of the movie or somehow be involved after the fact, whereas after the fact, there's nothing much to be involved with."

He adds, "People will say, 'Why don't you make movies like this? Why don't you make movies like that?' And I always say, 'Because no one will give you the money to make movies like that anymore.' I mean, the business changes. Going back to 'The Devil's Rejects,' nobody would give me the money to make that movie now. 'Cause that's gotta be the most frequently asked question. So that's why, at some point, you end up in this scenario. Because if you wanna do stuff outside the system, you've gotta function outside the system."

Those interested can get a little more insight into the process as Zombie will be hosting a chat on Friday (Aug. 8) at 1PM ET. The chat will take place at the Fanbacked campaign page. Fans will also be able to ask questions to Zombie via Twitter by using the hashtag #RZ31 or via Facebook under the "Live Stream Launches Now" post or in the comments section at

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