At the 2015 Loudwire Music Festival, we got the chance to sit down with Rob Zombie, who headlined the final day of our three-day fest. Zombie talks in-depth about his next album, upcoming film projects and his "kill your idols" philosophy.

Rob Zombie has been very vocal about his sixth solo album, which the musician has called his "best album yet." He even made a prediction for the next fan favorite coming from the record; a song called "Everybody's F---ing an a UFO." Classic Zombie.

As always, Zombie is hard at work on multiple projects. At the moment, his next horror film, 31, is in post-production. Acting legend Malcolm McDowell plays 'Father Murder' in the movie and Rob Zombie regaled us with some stories told to him by McDowell, including one that every fan of A Clockwork Orange needs to hear. Zombie also speaks about his upcoming movie on Groucho Marx, which is an adaptation from a biography of the comedy icon.

As for Rob Zombie's personal heroes, there are many artists he looks up to, but Zombie still carries around a mentality to conquer onstage. Even when he was touring with Alice Cooper, Zombie's goal was to blow the shock rock icon off the stage every night, despite the two being friends for over 20 years.

Check out our exclusive chat with Rob Zombie above!

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