Rob Zombie's latest vision has made it to the big screen as 'The Lords of Salem' premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival over the weekend. The singer/director and a few members of his cast and crew took part in a Q&A session as well discussing the film.

Zombie said of his initial idea, he explained, 'Truthfully the inspiration came from five or six years ago. We went to this wedding in Massachusetts. It was incredibly boring, and I went into the gift shop of the hotel lobby and bought a book on the Salem witch trials and started reading it and I was like, 'Well this could make a good movie.'"

While Zombie has been involved with the music in his films in the past, this time he handed off things to guitarist John 5. However, Zombie admits he did have a little input, recalling about some of the incidental music, "One day I was on the phone with John 5 and we did the music. We were just humming weird note patterns back and forth and I'm not sure if he came up with it or I came up with it."

The director also spoke with the official Midnight Madness blog about the film. Speaking about the movie's look, Zombie explained, "We basically just talked about it over and over and over then decided on a course of action. I was always a big fan of handheld camera work, but suddenly it started to look like TV to me since so many TV shows use that style. So I wanted to do the exact opposite. Very steady camera work with all the camera moves being motivated by the action on screen. No shakey camera just for the f--- of it."

Zombie says that he feels he's growing as a director and adds that if you watch his first two movies back-to-back you might find it hard to believe that both were directed by the same person. He adds of his latest movie, "'Lords' is a more sophisticated production."

With its premiere out of the way, look for 'The Lords of Salem' in theaters later this year. Zombie, meanwhile, will return to rocking this fall on the "Twins of Evil" tour with Marilyn Manson.

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