Police in the Carolinas have received numerous reports from people claiming to have witnessed creepy clowns sightings in the area, with the clowns acting so odd that it warranted a report. But with these reports there has been speculation that it might be related to a film campaign for Rob Zombie's new movie 31, something that his film company has denied.

WFFF News 4 reached out to Saban Films, the company distributing Zombie's new film, and Saban issued a statement saying, "The company and the film 31 are not associated in any way with the creepy clowns and costumed characters found roaming the South."

The film features a promotional poster with a scary clown in whiteface that looks similar to the clown pictures being shared on social media, allegedly from local sightings. 31 arrives on VOD on Sept. 16, while a theatrical screening is due Oct. 21.

Meanwhile, in other Rob Zombie news, the singer-turned-director has reportedly purchased a new Hollywood Hills home that looks like it has a lot of spooky potential (see photos above and below). TMZ reports that Zombie spent $2.49 million for a mid-century hideaway. The 2,300 square feet home has two rooms and two baths, but also comes with a koi pond, pool and outdoor patio. You can check out more photos of the home at TMZ.

Interior Photo of Rob Zombie's New Home


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