Rob Zombie is set to have a monster year in 2013. The multi-talented artist will be releasing his latest film, 'The Lords of Salem,' on April 19, with the soundtrack for the movie dropping on April 16. Additionally, Zombie's fifth solo album, 'Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor,' will become available on April 23, and amidst all the excitement, Zombie recently decided to tell a fascinating story about smoking crack with heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne and late R&B star Rick James. 

During an interview with Fuse (watch below) at the 2013 South by Southwest festival, Zombie recalled hitting the pipe with two of music's most notorious substance abusers. "We were at Rick James' house smoking crack together," Zombie begins, "all three of us - me, Ozzy, Rick James. And then someone caught the couch on fire, I think he [James] had his girlfriend tied up in the corner, was burning her. It was good times. No wait, it was on his tour bus. No, I don't remember, that was a long time ago. You can only smoke so much crack and keep the story straight."

When asked by the interviewer if Zombie had ever received on of Rick James' famous "love slaps," the horror-rock icon responded, "He was very huggy, I remember."

Watch the video interview below and decide for yourself if Zombie was making this story up or not, but either way it still makes for an incredible headline.

In the same interview, Zombie reveals that he'll be kicking off a tour on June 29 and will be on the road for the next two years on support of the new album, 'Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor.'

With all his new projects coming out, it's safe to declare April as 'Rob Zombie Month,' so make sure you check out all the iconic artist has to offer as his film, soundtrack and new album will all become available very soon.

Watch Rob Zombie Talk About Smoking Crack With Ozzy Osbourne and Rick James

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