Babymetal took a moment to thank Rob Zombie after the legendary rocker defended the Japanese pop/metal group.

It all started on May 9 when Rob Zombie shared a photo he took with Babymetal. After some of Zombie’s fans started berating him for having the nerve to support the polarizing act, Zombie unleashed some vitriol of his own.

Rob Zombie has railed against his own fans in epic fashion many times on Facebook, and these new responses are a doozy:

Facebook: Rob Zombie
Facebook: Rob Zombie

Babymetal didn’t go on the attack themselves, but they did thank Rob Zombie in the comments section of Zombie’s photo post:

"Thank you Rob! The Spirit of HEAVY METAL traversed across the World,rose above language barriers, went beyond generations and created countless legends. See you again at Northern Invasion!"

Rob Zombie is currently touring across the U.S. with acts like Disturbed and Korn. Check out Zombie’s full schedule here. Babymetal’s world tour is also in full swing, so check out the group’s upcoming dates here.

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