When you've got Rob Zombie sitting across from you, it's a sin not to talk about horror. There's likely no musician in rock or metal more involved in the genre, so we thought up some questions to create the Ultimate Horror Questionnaire for Rob.

Rob Zombie served as headliner for the last day of the 2015 Loudwire Music Festival. We already shared our video of Zombie discussing his upcoming studio album, new films including '31' and how he chooses to challenge his heroes rather than just look up to them. We followed it up with this and we present it to you now!

Knowing Zombie as a horror expert, we tried to come up with a few lesser discussed topics, such as the greatest one-liner in horror history and which movie he'd love to remake but would never dare touch. Rob also offers his answers to the greatest horror movie weapon, greatest film with "Dead" in the title, which country has the richest horror history and many more.

Check out Rob Zombie's Ultimate Horror Questionnaire in the clip above!

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