Rob Zombie is currently on the road with Marilyn Manson for the 'Twins of Evil' tour, but recording his next album is still very much a priority for the musician. Zombie released 'Hellbilly Deluxe II' in February 2010, and the follow-up promises to be dark, heavy and weird.

Although Zombie won't be playing any of his new songs on the 'Twins of Evil' tour, he recently spoke in depth about his nearly completed fifth full-length record. "We’re not doing anything new just because nobody wants to hear new songs off a record that isn’t out yet," Zombie tells "That is just wasted concert time. We’re mixing it up and doing some older stuff that people will be excited to hear, but nothing new."

Zombie continues, “It’s stylistically sort of a little bit of everything. Fans of my really old stuff will love it because there’s a certain aspect of it that’s very reminiscent of that. But it also is very looking to the future. It’s hard to describe music to somebody if they haven’t heard it, but I feel like it’s the best of all of the things I’ve done. I’ve finally found a perfect match between the old stuff I did and the new stuff. That’s the way it sounds to me anyway.”

The prolific musician and horror filmmaker claims to be in one of the most creatively successful periods of his life, which Zombie says will be represented in the upcoming album. “It seems to happen every couple of years or every 10 years or every five years or whatever, you have a moment when it all comes together. Not that the other records are bad, but not every record can be like the most inspired event in your life. But for some reason, this one feels like it is. The songwriting, the sound of it, the vibe, the production — it’s special.”

Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson's 'Twins of Evil' tour is set to conclude in Dallas on Oct. 31.

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