We're sorry to say it, but there are some rock and metal songs we're sick of hearing at sporting events.

Sure, it's nice that rock and metal have some representation at public events where there are a lot of people, but as fans of those genres, it gets really old hearing the same songs played every single time — especially when we know there are others that would be great to hear as well.

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We're not saying we think baseball stadiums should start playing Slayer (although that would be awesome), but Metallica have 11 studio albums. We don't have to hear the same one from their 1991 self-titled release every single time, even if it's connected to the New York Yankees.

Keep reading to see the rock and metal songs we're sick of hearing at sporting events. Maybe someone will take note, and we'll hear some more variety from within the genres next time we're at a game.

  • Metallica, "Enter Sandman"

    If you didn't catch our drift above... this is the Metallica song we were talking about.

    That's not to say it's not a great one — obviously it gets sports fans hyped up for a reason. But it would be awesome to hear pretty much anything else from their discography at this point. We'll even take something from St. Anger.

  • Guns N' Roses, "Welcome to the Jungle"

    Another classic that's been absolutely beaten to the ground because of how often it's played.

    It was the song that put Guns N' Roses on the map back in 1987, but they put out a couple of other great albums since then. Maybe "Get in the Ring" from Use Your Illusion II would be a better choice (minus the part where Axl Rose mouths off about the press).

  • The White Stripes, "Seven Nation Army"

    What was once a really catchy, clever riff is now a chant that's shouted by stadiums around the world at different events. Great for Jack White and The White Stripes, but for many of us, it's like nails on a chalkboard at this point.

  • AC/DC, "Thunderstruck"

    AC/DC have a ton of songs that would be perfect for a baseball or football game, but for whatever reason, they almost always pick "Thunderstruck." Let's save this one for the drinking game.

  • Ozzy Osbourne, "Crazy Train"

    It's really hard to hate on this one because Randy Rhoads' opening riff is so good, and serves as great entrance music. But Ozzy Osbourne deserves more respect than to have the same song represent his entire discography to the masses.

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