As if it doesn't already take enough talent to be a successful musician, some artists were just super blessed and can act, too. Plenty of rockers have crossed over from the stage to the screen, while others actually got their start in acting.

Our very own Marilyn Manson has made appearances in several movies and television shows, including Sons of Anarchy and Salem. The Pretty Reckless' Taylor Momsen began her career in the entertainment industry starring in commercials at age two. Her more notable role later was Jenny in Gossip Girl, but she prefers to be recognized solely as a musician now.

Some of the rock stars featured below have played actual characters in series, and others made brief appearances as themselves. Either way, if there was a script, it was a performance, and none of the mentions below are from reality TV shows. Sorry, Bret MichaelsRock of Love isn't counting for this one. He's still there though — check out 27 rockers who've appeared in TV shows below.

It's also important to mention that many of them have appeared in several different series, we just went with the most interesting ones.

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