In a year where people have become engrossed in their video gaming more than ever, Super League Gaming have teamed up with Hit Parader to launch their new Rock N' Jock ESports Challenge, which will give fans the chance to compete both against and alongside musicians, athletes and celebrities.

Hit Parader recently launched as a live events, TV and production studio, with the Rock N' Jock tournament adding to their list of upcoming projects.

“Giving fans a chance to compete both against and alongside their favorite artists, athletes and entertainers is very special. Doing it with a platform that can let the whole world watch the tournaments and the feuds on their own terms is ideal.” says Hit Parader's CEO Ash Avildsen. “Having Hit Parader curate the spectacle is going to make for newfangled interactive entertainment at a time when people really need it.”

The Rock N' Jock tourney will consist of eight teams made up of top record label talent and celebrities and athletes all taking part. Some of the labels backing the tourney include Better Noise, eOne, Fearless, Metal Blade, Nuclear Blast, Rise, Roadrunner and Sumerian, so you can expect a strong heavy metal and hard rock presence.

The tournament will be broadcast live and produced by Super League, taking advantage of the company's competitive gaming platform, virtual production capabilities and patented visualization technology. Plus, the live streams will include real-time player cams and special guests from the rock music world, with some exclusive live performances taking place as well.

“Rock musicians are gamers too, and Hit Parader is the ideal brand to celebrate their passion for play by creating a dedicated esports brand with the launch of Rock N’ Jock,” said Super League Chief Commercial Officer Matt Edelman. “Music is such a big part of gaming. Producing and broadcasting a tournament for some of the top rock artists in the world will be epic.”

The game selections, participating musicians and tournament dates will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Hit Parader
Hit Parader

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