It was one of the feel good stories of the past year. An Italian musician by the name of Fabio Zaffagnini organized 1,000 musicians in an open field and led them in a musical tribute to Foo Fighters by playing "Learn to Fly." The video, which went viral, was meant to get the band's attention and bring them to Cesena, Italy -- a town that doesn't get many major rock concerts. It worked as the band came to Cesena late last year. Now the Rockin' 1000 are back with another project.

They put out a call to musicians all over the world to record themselves while singing and playing the recent Foo Fighters song "Saint Cecilia," the title track off the band's recent EP.

"Each rocker recorded a track from home and sent it to the Rockin' 1000 website," states a message accompanying the video above. "We synced all these tracks and created a beautiful collective, crowdsourced version of the song. This project has been conceived and realized in 10 days, in response to those who affirm that rock 'n' roll is done."

Zaffagnini confirmed that the Rockin' 1000 has taken on a life of its own since the initial idea to attract the band's attention. He told Alternative Nation, "We did all this for fun and everything went by far beyond all our expectations. I had to quit my previous job and my life has become a mess. I struggle to keep up with everything." The musician revealed that he's been trying to transform Rockin' 1000 into a company that organizes non-conventional events, keeping the values of integrity, passion, craziness and joy intact. It's his hope to organize further events involving common musicians, giving the opportunity to "go big." Check out the Rockin' 1000 video for "Saint Cecilia" above.

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