In addition to the big stories we covered today, Wire-to-Wire provides you with some of the other key rock and metal news items from Oct. 9, 2017:

- At the Bowl for Ronnie fundraiser, Wendy Dio confirmed that a Ronnie James Dio memoir is in the works, as well as a documentary. “I’ve been meeting with publishers and I’m really serious about it now. It will come out next year … official,” said Wendy of the book. Meanwhile, the documentary was shot around Dio's hometown, giving viewers a chance to see the church, his school, the house where he grew up and the street that's been named after him. Dio revealed that the documentary will also include interviews with Ronnie's Elf bandmates Micky Lee Soule and Rock Feinstein.

- Also at Bowl for Ronnie, Sebastian Bach let us know he's preparing the paperback version of his 18 and Life memoir. "We’re about to put out the 'paper-bach,' and that has about 20 unreleased pictures, more of my old scrapbook photos that no one’s every seen, kind of like full page pinup style, so that comes out in a couple of months and it’s also being translated into other languages." The singer also revealed he's starting work on a new album that's inspired by the vibe of California and the time he spent in the state as a youth.

- Relapse Records has put out its 2017 sampler featuring cuts from Obituary, Dying Fetus Incantation and more. While the sampler can be downloaded for free, those who choose to pay for the collection will be contributing 100 percent of proceeds to Rock to the Future, a non-profit organization that provides music education for Philadelphia’s underserved youth at no cost to them or their families. Purchase or download the sampler here.

- Jesse Cash, from the band ERRA, has announced details of the new album from his side project Ghost Atlas. The disc, titled All is in sync and there's nothing left to sing about, comes out Nov. 17. You can check out the video for the single "Legs" below.

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