Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? Whether it is or not, Falling in Reverse's Ronnie Radke doesn't seem too thrilled with Motionless in White these days, calling out what he feels is the band ripping his group off with their "Werewolf" video, which he feels nicks from Falling in Reverse's "Popular Monster" clip.

Radke started to make his case on the social media network X (formerly Twitter), initially posting a Motionless in White concert poster for a Halloween show in Philadelphia. The poster noticeably features a graveyard with a clawed werewolf in the artwork. The Falling in Reverse singer captioned his sharing of the poster, "I'm a popular popular Biter."

That opened the door for some rebukes on social media and Radke elaborating on his stance where Motionless in White is concerned. When one poster noted, "Yes because nobody else can make a metal song about werewolves now that FIR did one. Ronnie, I like your stuff but please," the singer responded, "Bro it’s the timing, of course people have done this, popular monster I turn into a werewolf, they went to the video director I use Because of my video."

He continues, "I know this is a fact because I was told by people that worked on it. they asked to be turned into a werewolf, video director said, 'I already did that with ronnie,' they said they still want to proceed. it’s not about it being doing 30 years ago. It’s about the circumstance, the movie style tour admats it’s everything. I’m not the first to do anything but my ideas come from a real place I’m not hating man it’s just disheartening. I understand coincidences may happen but this ain’t that case. It’s a RIP."

Radke then continued, "Y’all will never understand, a lot of bands feel like this but don’t say it, I just speak up on it. I can ASSURE you. imma bit tactless in my approach and at end of day who cares. but LOL ITS. Fucking rip off hahahaha."

When the same poster as before countered, "Bruh imagine being so obsessed. You didn't do anything ground breaking. How dare they wanna turn into a werewolf for a song called werewolf. What a fucking loser," Radke once again reiterated, "Going to same video director after seeing me turn into a werewolf HAHAHAHAGAHHAHAHAHA." After another poster noted, "Okay? They liked how he did your SFX and makeup ... so what?," Radke added, "AND THAT I TURNED INTO A WEREWOLF, that’s the point he should've transformed into a the creature of the black lagoon."

From there, Radke explained a bit of his annoyance over what he felt was a rip off. "You know what I think it is? I think it’s the fact that people don’t acknowledge the inspiration, like they see something doing good and try to do it, but pretend like they got it from somewhere else because they don’t want to come off like they’re jacking a current thing. for me I mention my inspirations In My music like it’s so obvious I grew up listening to Eminem and loved horror movies and Batman etc. you can hear my Eminem Inspiration in my rapping. And I literally say it in my songs. let’s make 2024 the year we give credit to each other. And stop lying. Bring me the horizon is inspiring. Bad omens is inspiring. Parkway drive is inspiring. architects is inspiring and so on."

He then credited Bring Me the Horizon's Oli Sykes as someone who acknowledged the inspiration but still did something original, stating, "oli Sykes went to the video director I use because he was inspired my mine, and guess what he told him 'I like what you did but I don’t want to copy' he went out of his way to make a video that was his own, I gained so much respect for oli after I was told this, this is what I mean. Instead of just ripping he went out of his way to do his own thing. I RESPECT THAT SHIT, same with ice nine kills they do there OWN THING. this is what I mean."

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He continued, "Anyway, this copy cat stuff is so trivial, and at end of day will be forgotten, it’s trivial to get upset at, it should be flattering if anything. But sometimes I can’t help to express myself on these matters. like who cares at end of day."

That said, Radke added one more jab at Motionless in White, sharing similar poster artwork and screenshot grabs and asking fans to differentiate, "Which one is Falling in Reverse, which one is Motionless in White?"

Did Motionless in White rip off Falling in Reverse? Check out the two videos, both helmed by director Jensen Noen, below.

Falling in Reverse, "Popular Monster"

Motionless in White, "Werewolf"

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