The club's grooving with Royal Republic in their new song "Boomerang," which you can hear along with its music video exclusively on Loudwire.  The Swedish band is ready to kick off your morning with some incredibly catchy and rocking dance moves and grooves.

Singer-guitarist Adam Grahn tells us "Boomerang" is "the next savage-soul-rock-and-roll-explosion from the upcoming album Club Majesty." He adds, "This is an action-packed, modern Royal Republic-classic with retro-boosters that will haunt your dancing-reflexes. No matter where you throw it, it’ll come right back. Yes, it’s true — it’ll come spinning right back to you!"

Watch the music video below.

The song is featured on the band's upcoming album Club Majesty, which is due May 31 via Nuclear Blast. If you like what you hear, the song will be available through digital service providers this Friday (April 12).

The Swedish outfit may come from a rock background, but they also incorporate elements of '70s disco, jazz and pop for an eclectic and energetic blend of music. “I love the word disco,” Grahn says. "But some people will say, 'But you’re a rock band!' We’re a band. I never knew what to call us."

Royal Republic will return to the road in Europe later this month, with dates booked into the summer and fall. You can see where they're scheduled to play here. And for those looking to pre-order their Club Majesty album, get your reservation in right here.

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