Royal Thunder are looking ahead at their third album, WICK, which will be out on April 7 on Spinefarm. So far, the album has yielded one single, "April Showers," a highly emotional song riding peaks and valleys of pained agony and the band has added to the weight visually with a new music video, which premiered at CLRVYNT.

The first glimpse we get as the tranquil guitar melodies whisper in the background is one of a collapsed, suit-clad man lying in a pile of rubble. As he gazes upward at his surroundings, we learn he is positioned at the bottom of a deep and dry well while "April Showers" toils away at a crawl, erupting as the chorus crashes in, offering more looks at a man with increasing desperation.

Interspersed with shots of this hopeless man are ones of the band playing outside under a stone archway as snow begins to fall heavier. We see the doomed man unwrap a small sack of what appear to be glass shards, which he ingests one by one as Mlny Parsonz wails, "Never though about suicide / You were never around." He is ultimately sprung from the well, but the battle for sanity is far from won.

“This song was a life raft and an outlet while we were on the road. It was a song that we lived in and looked forward to playing, live. Personally, it gave me the freedom to release my emotions and process my thoughts while I was on the road. We hope you enjoy this song. And we appreciate your support, sincerely," says Parsonz.

Pre-orders for WICK can be placed at the band's webstore or digitally here. Catch Royal Thunder on tour with a list of upcoming stops found at this location.

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