Miley Cyrus is one of those pop stars who has been caught in the past wearing a metal t-shirt, but unlike others who we suspect might not be tried and true headbangers, Billy Ray's kid claims to be the real deal. It's only fair then that the genre pay tribute to Cyrus, and leave it to the geniuses over at Two Minutes to Late Night to orchestrate the happening.

Enlisting the assistance of Royal Thunder vocalist Mlny Parsonz to helm the mic with Late Night house band Mutoid Man backing her, the group can be seen in the clip above tearing through the 2013 Cyrus smash hit "Wrecking Ball" from her album Bangerz.

"Good evening ass-butts," begins host Gwarsenio Hall prior to the performance. "Welcome to Two Minutes to Late Night. Y'all like Royal Thunder? Y'all like Miley Cyrus? Guess what? You're about to."

It's definitely not a by-the-numbers take on the track - and that's a good thing. Parsonz otherworldly caterwaul absolutely destroys the song, giving and already catchy as hell song a supremely metal edge. What's even better is the team-up has got two additional covers in the bag, which will be revealed at a later date.

Earlier this year, Royal Thunder released their third album, WICK, and last month performed at the Loudwire Music Awards kickoff concert and were also nominated for a host of awards, including "Best Vocalist," "Hard Rock Album of the Year" and "Breakthrough Band."

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