Over the last decade, Royal Thunder have become one of the premiere psychedelic rock bands in the music business, crafting stellar critically hailed sets such as CVI, Crooked Doors and Wick. Now they're set to drop some more new music on you with Rebuilding the Mountain, their fourth studio album that's due June 16 via Spinefarm. And with a new album, we thought it'd be a good time to ask Royal Thunder guitarist Josh Weaver to pick the best psychedelic rock and metal albums of the 21st century.

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But before we turn it over to Josh, we want to give you a little taste of the new album with the recent single "Fade" (as seen and heard below) and let you know that Royal Thunder will be hitting the road with Royal Bliss and New Monarch this summer. Get your tickets here, and be sure to pre-order Rebuilding the Mountain at this location. Now check out "Fade" and then head below where Josh Weaver will take you through his 10 Best Psychedelic Rock / Metal Albums of the 21st Century.

Royal Thunder, "Fade"

Now take it away, Josh:

Music to me has always been a source of inspiration. I remember as a small child my grandmother had a brass swan that you could wind up and would spin around and play some beautiful classical song that would move me to tears. My mind would go to so many places listening to that little spinning music box and would move me so deeply.

From there I remember getting the Heart single cassette of “Alone” and that would make me cry when I heard it. The movement out the gate with the piano and vocals on that song always took me somewhere else and that has always been the real magic of music to me. We get a pretty good laugh thinking about little Josh crying to Hearts song “Alone.”

That being said, here is a list of 10 Best Psychedelic Rock Albums of the 21st Century. I’m not sure if all the bands listed are 100 percent “psychedelic” rock bands, but they take me on a journey when I listen to them, and that’s pretty psychedelic to me. Hope you get some enjoyment from these records.

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