Atlanta's Royal Thunder have emerged as one of the city's greatest rock acts in recent memory, playing a kaleidoscopic, psych-tinged brand of folk-inflected, bluesy rock 'n' roll. (Did you get all of that?) They've now readied the release of their third studio effort, WICK, which will feature 12 new, bleeding-heart tracks, arriving April 7 on Spinefarm Records.

There's a certain intangible spiritual essence to Royal Thunder, which is further conveyed by the radiant and mystical artwork for WICK as seen below. The group is anchored by founding guitarist Josh Weaver and bassist / vocalist Mlny Parsonz. "WICK is different, a bigger jump as far as our sound goes. But it's still us — it's just the sound of Royal Thunder's evolution," commented Weaver.

Adding her thoughts, Parsonz stated, "Out of all of the albums, WICK was the hardest one to make. It was a fight, but to hear it now, to see it finished, is so gratifying. Finally, it's over, it's amazing to be done with it. I'm looking at it, going, 'We're done, it's over, be free.'"

Royal Thunder last released Crooked Doors, an offering that landed inside the Top 10 in our 20 Best Rock Albums of 2015, propelled by captivating tracks like the trance-inducing "Time Machine" and the thumping "Forget You."

Royal Thunder, WICK Album Art


Royal Thunder, WICK Track Listing:

01. "Burning Tree"
02. "April Showers"
03. "Tied"
04. "We Slipped"
05. "The Sinking Chair"
06. "Plans"
07. "Anchor"
08. "WICK"
09. "Push"
10. "Turnaround"
11. "The Well"
12. "We Never Fell Asleep"

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