Greetings and felicitations, children of technology! Carnivore, anyone? Anyway... I've got a bunch of killer stuff for you guys this week, so let's forego the opening puns (hooray!) and get straight to business!

Below, you'll find a ripping album stream for Poison Headache's eponymous debut. If you've got a thing for filthy, buzzsaw guitars and crusty d-beat, grinding madness — and I know you do — check it out AND be sure to read our interview with guitarist Phil Sgrosso at the bottom of the page.

In a double dose of sweetness, you'll also find the video for Soon A.D.'s "Gold Soul." It's one soul-crushing song, volleying between barren passages and mountain moving rhythms. These poor fellas have been through Hell regarding some issues with their original band name Soon and you can get the full scoop from the group themselves as to what happened,

We love the name SOON, but unfortunately there are a bunch of other bands with that name and some — maybe all of them — had it before we did. Considering this and our great (albeit newfound) respect for national and international trademark law, we are changing our name to SOON A.D. so our fans & the fans of all the other Soons can be sure when they are listening to us and when they aren't.

If you like what you hear, buy it! Place your order for Poison Headache here and Soon A.D.'s Vol. 1 here.

As always, there's a quick news recap from underground happenings this week and album reviews not only for Poison Headache, but doombringers Cardinals Folly, sludgebringers Cough, pitbringers Nervosa and bringers of all things weird, Virus. Get to it!

Poison Headache, Poison Headache Full Album Stream

Soon A.D., "Gold Soul" Music Video


Denouncement Pyre, Australia's blackened war cult of death, will be delivering their third record, Black Sun Unbound, on July 22 through Hells Headbangers. They've just released the new song "World Encircler" which fuses discordant melody with brawn, hinting at their most promising release yet.

Ghoul have returned, announcing their new slab of devilish delights, Dungeon Bastards, which will be out July 29 on Tankcrimes. The album art is strikingly horror-ific and the new cut "Ghoulanatics" is even sicker. If these guys put out four albums a year, I'd buy 'em all.

Witherscape, consisting of the duo of Dan Swano and Ragnar Widerberg, will release their sophomore effort, The Northern Sanctuary, on July 22 through Century Media. The new song "Wake of Infinity" immediately made more of an impact than the entire debut, making good on their promise of Rush and Queensryche worship within their death metal leaning frame.


Cardinals Folly, 'Holocaust of Ecstasy and Freedom'

Shadow Kingdom
Shadow Kingdom

I became a fan of Cardinals Folly two years ago when they released Our Cult Continues! If it's doom and it comes from Finland, that's the only seal of approval you need, but I'll give you mine anyway. With Reverend Bizarre defunct, albums like Holocaust of Ecstasy and Freedom are more crucial than ever.

Borrowing the lumbering heft from their disbanded contemporaries, Cardinals Folly bring their laid back style with bass so fuzzy you could wear it all winter. Opener "The Poison Test" explores the band's cheeky side, falling in line with the theatrics of Cathedral's Lee Dorrian.

Listen to Cardinals Folly | For fans of Reverend Bizarre, Lord Vicar, Pentagram

Cough, Still They Pray


It's been six years since Cough last wretched forth a new studio album. Veering into a different direction and mostly abandoning the more harsh elements of their sound, the Virginia quartet not only delivered the best album of their career, but one of the best of 2016.

The cover for Still They Pray mirrors the distorted, hazy muck found inside. Masterfully crafted from top to bottom, Cough's sense of songwriting really couldn't be stronger. "Haunter of the Dark" invites you into its warm, infrared glow as you submit to the almighty riff over the next hour, which slowly releases its grip on the acoustic title track closer. With a leaky hard-on for Electric Wizard's Come My Fanatics... Cough couldn't have made better use of the last six years.

Listen to Cough | For fans of Electric Wizard, Sleep, Yob

Nervosa, 'Agony'


The ladies in Brazil's Nervosa have been going strong since 2010, keeping the momentum rolling with their third record, Agony. Defying most South American thrash influences, the power trio sound decidedly German in their approach, namely in the Schmier-esque vocals and borrowing the rigidity of countrymates Krisiun.

Nervosa are a band who straddle the death metal and thrash line, seesawing between the two sides, never firmly planting their collective feet in either territory. This balancing act is what makes tracks like "Theory of Conspiracy" and "Guerra Santa" such knockouts. Forget unhinged, Nervosa rip the door free from the frame completely.

Listen to Nervosa | For fans of Sodom, Exumer, Destruction

Poison Headache, 'Poison Headache'

Metal Blade
Metal Blade

Today, crossover has a new name: Poison Headache. Featuring Phil Sgrosso on guitar (As I Lay Dying, Wovenwar), the group sees red on their eponymous debut, tearing through 10 songs in just under half an hour.

Concise and to the point, slugging rhythms are sent on a collision course with rapid-fire snare fills (there's a lot and they always rule) finding their way between the Dave Lombardo-like paces. "Sin Eater" makes the intentions immediately clear, unrelenting through the end where the four-minute "Discloser" finishes it off with a bludgeoning beatdown. Don't forget to check the interview with Sgrosso at the bottom for more about Poison Headache.

Listen to Poison Headache | For fans of Skitsystem, Wolfbrigade, Nails

Virus, 'Memento Collider'

Karisma Records
Karisma Records

This one is for all of you who like your music far, faaaaar left of center... so far left that it comes back around on the right like Pac-Man. Norway's Virus have come crawling back with Memento Collider, finding the strangest chords imaginable all set to Carl-Michael Eide's (aka 'Czral') nearly spoken word inflection.

Memento Collider, like its cover, is black and white as in fans will either love it or scratch their heads. Count me in the former as I'm enthralled with this release. Each song is genuinely a highlight, but the more interesting moments are the nuances in the composition and the interwoven parts as the guitars seek refuge in the most disharmonious corners.

Listen to Virus | For fans of Hail Spirit Noir, Voivod, Lou Reed

Poison Headache Interview

Poison Headache have released a truly pissed off debut, as you've already read above. Here, Phil Sgrosso (As I Lay Dying, Wovenwar) answers a couple questions about the album, the band name and the striking artwork.

Poison Headache is a far departure from As I Lay Dying/Wovenwar. Is the d-beat, crusty grind a newfound passion or has this idea been kicking around for a while and will this be of equal importance or a side project?

It's been a passion of mine for a long time. We started jamming together about seven years ago whenever we could find the time. I was always so busy with As I Lay Dying, and then Wovenwar, but I'm glad I could finally find the time to finish this album and get the music out for people to check out. It's hard to say what I'm really able to do with it at this point but we're definitely looking to bringing this to the stage once we find some time in our schedules. We'll see how things develop on the tour front but we're definitely going to be making a lot more music.

Where did the inspiration for the name Poison Headache come from?

Bob Dylan.

The album art for 'Poison Headache' is rich in symbolism. What message were you trying to convey with the cover?

The album art reflects the lyrics which are comprised of several different concepts. The main idea generally relates to mental enslavement and dependency as well as the ability to be manipulated by a others, or a certain force, or even your own mind.

Thanks to Phil Sgrosso for the interview. Pick up Poison Headache's self-titled album at Metal Blade's webshop and keep up with all of the band's activities on their Facebook page.

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