Looking at this headline, you may think this is a joke or an exaggeration, but it's 100 percent real. After losing a drunken bet with his bandmates, Sabaton singer Joakim Broden has agreed to walk 342 miles to the band's next gig.

Seriously, the dude is walking to the show as you read this. Sabaton's next show is taking place Oct. 1 in Trondheim, Norway. The only issue is Broden lives in Falun, Sweden, so the musician will actually have to cross international boarders on foot to finally hit the stage next month.

Broden posted a video of himself walking on his way to Trondheim. "Today is a really s--tty day," says the singer. "I got drunk as hell at a party last night and I've got a hangover and we did some stupid stuff. I did a bet with my bandmates that I would walk or run to our next show … As you can see, I still have a bit to go."

The frontman spoke to TRD about the bet, revealing his plan on how he'll survive the monstrous journey, “I’ve made contact with some fans via Facebook, who have served up food and given me shelter. I’ll be visiting some buddies in Oslo, then I’ll be driven back to Vormsund later so I can continue the journey.”

Best of luck to Joakim Broden and his very unfortunate legs. Only nine days left!

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