At the beginning of 2019, Iowa hard rock group Saul released the single "Brother" from their latest EP Aeons. While the band has been around for several years, this was really the song that caught the eye of the public. It wasn't always easy for brothers Blake and Zach Bedsaul to bask in the success of the song, though, as it was inspired by personal tragedy of their own.

"In 2009, Zach and I lost our older brother. He was the first case in Iowa from H1N1," vocalist Blake Bedsaul told Loudwire Nights, admitting the story was painful to share when the song first came out. "We couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. His organs were shutting down, his lungs filled up with fluid."

A few days after their brother was admitted to the hospital, he sadly passed away. "That's the story. Every lyric in the song is describing a point from the time he went to the hospital to the moment he died," they explain.

Coincidentally, when Saul were looking for a new drummer, they found Joe Nichols - who had also lost his brother years prior. "Turns out, he slams on drums too. So it was perfect," the vocalist explains.

Bedsaul doesn't only attribute their growth in popularity to "Brother." The singer notes that the band went through a lineup change, which included hiring a new bassist so that he could focus solely on vocals, in addition to replacing their drummer with Nichols. They've also placed more of an emphasis on the production of their live show as opposed to strictly caring about the music, comparing the transition as going from Tool to Motley Crue.

To hear more about the band's upcoming full-length album and tours, listen to the interview above.

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