Sebastian Bach has always been very vocal about … everything, but one thing he seems very passionate about his ongoing bro-mance with Axl Rose, the only remaining original member of Guns N’ Roses.

The two met back in 1989 when Skid Row was on tour opening for Aerosmith. At a show stop at the L.A. Forum, Bach met Rose for the first time when Rose reached out for a little help. Bach recounts the story for Canada's QMI Agency: “Axl came down to do the song ‘Train Kept A Rollin' with Steven Tyler and he didn't know the words, and he came to my dressing room and he goes, 'Do you know the words to this?' and I go, 'Yes, I do!' So I sat down there with him. That was a crazy night."

With his friendship with the elusive singer strong to this day Bach compared his friend’s stage presence to the late, great Jim Morrison of the Doors. "Axl is one of a kind,” Bach reports, “I was too young to ever see the Doors but when I see old footage of Jim Morrison on stage, Axl has that kind of danger thing going on when he steps up to the mic. He's pretty fascinating."

When asked about possibly touring with Guns N' Roses again, Bach responded with an emphatic, "I would play with Guns 'N Roses anytime!"

Sebastian Bach released his latest solo disc 'Kicking & Screaming' on Sept. 27. Read our review of the album here and our in-depth interview with Bach here.