Sebastian Bach may still be known for his early days in Skid Row to some extent, but the singer has been a solo artist over the past decade and has had some time to reflect on both experiences.

Bach tells the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram that he prefers the solo artist route, explaining, "It's easier ... because I don't have to have a meeting with everybody about the color of the T-shirts or what the bag tags are going to look like. If it's my solo band, I get to make all the decisions. In Skid Row, that's the only reason we broke up, because we're all very headstrong. But I do the same thing I did onstage with those guys. That's what I do. I don't change what I do depending on who I'm playing with. I'm myself. I don't know what else to be."

Bach recently revealed that he was open to a Skid Row reunion if his former bandmates wanted to give it a go, but so far all reunion talk has been rebuffed. Bach stated, "We were offered some big shows that they didn't want to do. So, all I can do is if somebody offers me something either say 'yes' or 'no.' It's very easy for me to walk on a stage singing my own songs, so for the fans I would do that. But there's no update."

The singer remains busy with life on the road, but says that once there's a break in the schedule he needs some time to take care of things at home. The musician lost his home in Hurricane Irene, and admits he's "been living out of a suitcase" ever since. In addition, the home also housed his own personal recording studio, so not having that available will slow his progress on a new record.