Don’t get your hopes too high for a Skid Row reunion with Sebastian Bach. Though managers from both sides were recently in talks to make the reconciliation happen, Bach now reports negotiations have “taken a turn in the other direction,” bringing the conversation to an end.

While guesting on Eddie Trunk’s Trunk Nation radio show earlier this month, Bach shared that the wheels had begun turning on a Skid Row reunion. “All I can say is that [my manager] Rick [Sales] is talking to [Skid Row’s early manager] Doc [McGhee]. That’s all I can say," Bach offered. "That is what is happening and I don’t have anything else to tell you. All I can tell you is we’re not getting any younger, folks. [Laughs] Let’s put the hair band back together while we’ve got hair. [Laughs]”

During a new interview with Vanyaland, Bach was asked again about the reunion possibility. Sadly, this update was not what hopeful fans were expecting. "All I can say is in recent days, when I said before that the managers 'are talking,' I have to say now that the managers 'were talking,’” Bach said.

“I’m sorry! I'm sorry! Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah. It's kind of actually… I don't know really why, but it's taken a turn in the other direction, unfortunately,” the singer continued. “You can bust the bad news to everybody. I'm really so busy, that it's beyond comprehension. I would love to do that, but if it doesn't happen, I've got a lot of other things on my plate to tackle. So whatever happens, happens, but it's not even up to me whatsoever at all — it has nothing to do with me — it's just me. [Laughs]”

In a recent interview we conducted with Bach, the vocalist shared he felt no animosity towards anybody in Skid Row, despite a rocky past with band members. Stay tuned to Loudwire for any further updates on this story.

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