As we learned in our recent interview with Sebastian Bach, if you want an honest opinion, just ask! The no holds barred singer extraordinaire is at it again. When recently asked him about his audition to become the new singer for Velvet Revolver, he was quick to set the record straight.

“It wasn't an audition, I didn't walk in and sing some songs -- it wasn't like that. I worked with them for a month or a little over.” Sebastian continued with, “The guys gave me five songs with no vocals so I wrote lyrics and melodies and then we went into the studio to record it.”

So, by all accounts, was Bach actually in Velvet Revolver? Not so fast. Baz said that in order to bring home the bacon he headed out on a national tour of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and in his absence, Velvet Revolver went a different direction choosing to work with Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland. Bach reflecting on their decision said, “They put their faith in a heroin addict. How did that work out for them?”

Contemplating how things would have worked out had they stuck with him, Bach admitted “Listen, if they had picked me we'd probably still be together right now. I'm a musician like them -- I'm not a junkie and not into that kind of thing. So, they don't have a singer and I have a new album. Let's rock!”

What do you think?  Did Velvet Revolver make a mistake?