In June, we discovered Seether were looking to release an album sometime next year. Drummer John Humphrey said the band would start working on it at the end of summer, but it looks like they've got a head start as they've already begun recording new material.

"Shaun [Morgan]'s got like 30 different ideas," guitarist Corey Lowery told WRIF Detroit at Riff Fest. "[He] started laying down vocals to I think three or four of them. It's gonna be incredible."

The band praises Morgan for his lyrical talent, adding that he comes up with the ideas for the songs all on his own. The singer also self-produced their 2017 album Poison the Parish, which is the plan for the upcoming record as well. "We can really do it like an in-house thing now, which is great. We don't have to have any sort of external influences," adds bassist Dale Stewart.

"There's some demos right now," Lowery continues. "[Stewart]'s got some acoustic ideas I'm dying to hear. I've heard a couple."

Watch the full interview below.

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