It's been one great touring year for Seether that's about to get better with their participation in the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival. The band will share stages with Godsmack, Skillet, Buckcherry and more during the run. We recently chatted with the guys about Uproar, as well as staging their own Rise Above Festival earlier this year and the band's future plans.

When asked about the Uproar Festival, frontman Shaun Morgan seemed ready to go. He told us, "The tour itself is pretty well organized and well-run and there's some good new bands that are on the bill that I'd like to see. Other than that, we just really want to go out and play. That's really what we're all about. We're not very good at the other stuff."

Morgan also opened up about the Rise Above Fest and its mission to bring awareness to suicide prevention. He stated, "We're just trying to do a good thing. We're just trying to raise awareness about how kids are killing themselves … People just don't like to talk about that stuff. They want to talk about the happy feelings and Katy Perry, but we want to talk about the real issues. And that's what the festival is about."

Check out the video above! Dates for the 2014 Uproar Festival can be found here. The band's latest album, 'Isolate and Medicate,' is currently available via iTunes.

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