Seether are working on a new album, but in the interim the band has a new hit on their hands. 'Weak' is featured on the band's hits collection, 'Seether 2002-2013,' that arrived late last year and now there's some visuals to go along with the track.

The group just released the lyric video for 'Weak,' which offers a somewhat unsettling backdrop for the track. The clip opens with a boardwalk surrounded by the stark imagery of leafless tress and dark clouds, with the occasional reddish blood-like smoke entering the picture.

The ominous smoke also appears in other colors that eventually collide with each other amidst the tumult of the lyrical content. The lyrics also play out against the backdrops of blood splatter patterns and inked fingerprints, offering an ominous feel.

As for the song, it too has a haunting and eventually ominous feel. Frontman Shaun Morgan lays it on the line, singing the lyrics, "When I get weak / Or I'm tired and afraid / When I sleep all my dreams turn out the same / When I bleed I'll relieve you of your pain / I can't believe you won't let me go / Let me live my life alone."

'Weak' is one of the new songs on Seether's hits collection and offers a solid jumping off point as the band readies their next studio album.