Looking back on the mid-2000s class of post-hardcore and emo bands, not a lot of them were able to maintain relevancy or stick around. One band that has been able to circumvent that is Senses Fail, thanks to their openness to adapting to different climates of music, and progressively advancing their lyricism. On Feb. 16, the group will be releasing their seventh studio album If There Is A Light, It Will Find You, and today they're premiering their new video and single "Gold Jacket, Green Jacket."

Musically, the song presents the more upbeat, poppy side of the group's music, although it's contrasted heavily with how sarcastic and in your face the lyrics get. The video follows singer Buddy Nielsen pretty much pissing off everybody that crosses his path, intentionally or not. Pizzas go flying, construction dudes get angry ... it's a total nightmare. Eventually, Nielsen ends up at a house party where a bunch of guys are chugging beer from a keg. The song exemplifies fun, staying firmly in rock and not losing sight of their identity.

Of the song, Nielsen explains, "The inspiration for this video is Falling Down meets the clown sing-along part in Billy Madison. The idea was to basically have people coming at me for various reasons but I am able to stave them all off and have them join in on the fun with a glitter bomb. Nothing makes a bad time more fun than a little glitter. Overall I just wanted to have a video that was fun and left you feeling good about the world and life."

Watch the full video above, and look out for If There Is a Light, It Will Find You to come out Feb. 16.  Senses Fail will also be heading out on a spring tour along with Reggie and the Full Effect, Have Mercy and Household. Check out dates on the tour poster below.

Senses Fail Spring Tour 2018 

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Senses Fail, If There Is A Light, It Will Find You


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