Horns up! Greek symphonic death metal veterans Septicflesh have just revealed the first song from their ninth studio album, 'Titan.' The new track, 'Order of Dracul,' is insanely awesome and picks up beautifully where Septicflesh left off with their 2011 full-length, 'The Great Mass.'

Septicflesh aren't just a metal band. With heavy and masterful orchestration, Septicflesh are death metal's answer to classical composer Richard Wagner, creating beautifully constructed symphonic arrangements while providing a base of brutal death metal. Although Septicflesh guitarist / clean vocalist Sotiris V. takes hold of lyrical duties, the entire band lends a hand in composing epic arrangements such as 'Order of Dracul.'

Harnessing the brilliant Prague Philharmonic Orchestra along with multiple collections of choirs (even children's choirs), 'Order of Dracul' is expertly balanced despite the overwhelming mass of sound aimed at the listener. "'Order of Dracul' is the first taste of the new album," Septicflesh write in a new statement. "It is a bombastic song with colorful classical orchestration. The title refers to Vlad Tepes, the notorious prince of Wallachia."

Having obsessively listened to an advance of Septicflesh's entire 'Titan' album no less than a dozen times already, we can tell you that 'Order of Dracul' is a great representation of what Septicflesh have in store. The album ventures off into many directions, but the balance remains solid without ever becoming obnoxious or self-serving.

Listen to 'Order of Dracul' above! You won't regret it. Septicflesh's upcoming album 'Titan' will be released on June 24. To pre-order the album, click here.