Thrash hit New York City hard last night with two monster performances by Sepultura and Death Angel. The two bands along with Brazilian death metal band Krisiun and Colorado thrashers Havok tore through the Gramercy Theatre last night, with a ton of American and South American metalheads in attendance.

Havok started the night out strong with an exceptionally heavy thrash set, which warmed up the crowd and left the venue ready for the death metal assault of Krisiun.

Krisiun are a really, really, really (stay with us), really heavy band. As the Brazilian death merchants blasted through tracks such as 'Kings of Killing' and 'Hatred Inherit,' the crowd began to flood onto the floor of Gramercy. Krisiun have an awesome grip on the English language, yelling verbal gold in between songs such as, "Yeah motherf---ers! This is the last show of the f---ing tour! Thank you motherf---ers for coming out!," and "Go smoke some weed and listen to Death Angel."

After many fans most likely followed the request of Krisiun, Death Angel came out to play a full set for the crowd. Death Angel paid New York City a visit a few months ago while supporting Anthrax and Testament, during which they only got to play a 30-minute set. Last night, the thrash metal veterans played for nearly an hour. Vocalist Mark Osegueda shrieked and yelled with venomous intensity as guitars and drums blazed from the rest of the band.

Sepultura have a very unique blend of fans. South American metalheads hold the Brazilian band in the highest regard and thusly fill venues to see the band all around the U.S. The place exploded once Sepultura hit the stage, with the band playing a ton of tracks encompassing nearly their entire career. The band launched out gems such as 'Refuse/Resist,' 'Roots Bloody Roots' and a collection of new tracks from 'Kairos,' and showed New York why they're one of thrash's most celebrated bands.

Check Out Photos of Sepultura, Death Angel, Krisiun and Havok