Once the year 2020 begins, the calendar will mark 15 years without new music from System of a Down. Frontman Serj Tankian, however, is in favor of putting out the band’s unreleased material.

System of a Down recently attempted to write a new album, but songwriting and recording sessions fell apart when the quartet couldn’t agree on a creative direction.

“Ultimately I had to draw a line in the sand because I knew I could never be happy going back to how things used to be within the band,” Tankian shared in 2018. “And as we couldn’t see eye to eye on all these points we decided to put aside the idea of a record altogether for the time being. My only regret is that we have been collectively unable to give you another Soad record. For that I apologize.”

No new strides have been made since. System will be performing live in 2020, despite drummer John Dolmayan’s recent admission that he wasn’t proud of some of the band’s recent shows.

A petition was recently started to implore System of a Down to release their demos from the unfinished album. While answering fan questions via his Patreon, Tankian claimed he had seen the petition. “For the unreleased Soad songs? Yes. I’m all for it. Convince everyone else,” he said.

Daron Malakian revealed his 2018 Dictator album with Scars on Broadway could've very well turned into new System music. Tankian is also redirecting songs intended for SOAD’s ill-fated sixth album.

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