On July 29 at California's iconic Hollywood Bowl, System of a Down played what would be their only North American tour date of 2013. At the conclusion of System's massive set, drummer John Dolmayan promised the L.A. crowd that a new album will be released before the band returned to the Bowl. However, frontman Serj Tankian chose to set the record straight during an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit.

System of a Down concluded their Hollywood Bowl show with a performance of 'Sugar.' Before the group retreated backstage, Dolmayan grabbed a mic to deliver news that System fans have been waiting for since 2005. Dolmayan exclaimed, "Next time we come back here, we'll have a new f---ing album!" The Internet exploded yesterday (July 31) after news sources, including us, picked up on Dolmayan's claim, but the drummer may have spoken too soon.

During Serj Tankian's AMA session on Reddit, he responded to various fan questions about the supposed new System record. "No, that is not true," Tankian responded to a fan. "A quick scan of press online will show that we have not yet agreed on a timetable for another record due to its time commitments." However, is the musician interested in creating new System material? "Yes of course," responds Tankian. "Otherwise I wouldn't be discussing it at all ... I am not opposed to making a System record at all. It just has to be the right time for us all in the band … we have to make a record when we think it's time, not anyone else."

Serj also commented on bassist Shavo Odadjian's recent online outburst, which condemned Tankian for holding System of a Down back. "Shavo's comments have been redacted by the author," Tankian coyly responded with the addition of a smiley face.

Stay tuned for more updates on System of a Down and their elusive sixth studio album.

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