Throughout his career, the message has remained clear. System of a Down's Serj Tankian has used his platform as the singer of a popular rock and metal band to bring attention to the crimes of the Armenian genocide and shine a light on corruption in politics and the desire for social justice through music. Now Tankian's continued activism is at the center of a new film, Truth to Power, that is set to arrive in February.

A new trailer for the film has arrived, featuring a mix of interviews, performance footage and news footage showcasing some of the reasons Tankian has continued to fight his fight against corrupt governments over the years. The documentary also features an original soundtrack composed by Tankian that features a mix of his solo work (he has a new EP titled Elasticity via Alchemy Recordings coming soon) as well as several iconic System of a Down tracks.

The passion by the singer not only for his music but for the right to be able to share his message comes through. At one point in the trailer, Tankian addresses a concert crowd stating, "It's our responsibility to tell you these things and rock you at the same time."

Tankian shares his story, while longtime friends and musical associates Rick Rubin and Tom Morello also have a chance to add to the narrative within the film.

Truth to Power was written, directed and produced by Garin Hovannisian, with Tankian also serving as a producer on the film. It will arrive in virtual cinemas and select theaters on Feb. 19. Check out the trailer and poster for Truth to Power below.

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Truth to Power Trailer

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