The cult of personality plays a big part in this next duel. The skills of System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian and late Slipknot bassist Paul Gray both carry weight, but an "it factor" also helps carry the torch.

Shavo Odadjian is an original member of System, shaking the floor for the group since 1994. The pairing of Odadjian with guitarist Daron Malakian is raw and riff-heavy, as System have written some of the 21st century's most addictive leads. With only one guitarist in SOAD, the role that Odadjian takes on is even more important, filling in the sonic gaps which would normally be taken care of by a rhythm guitarist. However, System's sound never sounds weak, thanks in part to Shavo.

The late No. 2 of Slipknot wasn't just the masked group's bass player, he was a vital part of the band's soul. As a creative leader and artistic figurehead, Paul Gray commanded success for Slipknot, allowing the band to become arguably the world's most popular modern metal act. Gray's bass lines may have been simple, but he was always calculated in his approach.

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