After more than three years since their last release ‘The Sound of Madness,’ Shinedown debuted a new song called ‘Bully’ on Jan. 3, the first single from their forthcoming album ‘Amaryllis.’

The track, as the title implies, combines modern day ‘ripped from the headlines’ type sentiments of kids tragically committing suicide as as result of school bullying mixed with the band’s own personal experiences of dealing with bullies when they were younger.

Spinning it in a positive direction, the song reveals that even though the vicious cycle continues, there’s always a way to rise up and overcome: “We don’t have to take this, back against the wall / We don’t have to take this, we can end it all.”

Sonically, the booming rocker serves as a true battle cry for the underdog. The lyrics flow in a chant-like rhythm framed by a chorus of melodies set to a soaring backdrop of addictive guitar riffs. The song shows a lot of restraint leading up to the chorus, then, all hell breaks loose.

Guitarist Zach Myers rips into a meaty guitar solo towards the end of the tune and it ends perfectly with a chorus of angelic voiced kids joining in to sing the last verse.

After ‘Bully’ was released, Myers took to his personal Facebook page to talk about the track, and the personal connection he has with it, “When you write a song with such a serious and sometimes controversial topic most feel you have to tread lightly and watch what you say. On this one we didn't really feel like that,” admits Myers.

He talked about his own experiences with bullying in detail and then the light at the end of the tunnel. “I made it out alive,” said Myers, “Bullying in those days weren't as bad as it has gotten now. There are kids who take their own lives because they feel there is now way out!”

He continued, “I promise there are more of US people who got picked on or ridiculed than there are of THEM. And I’m not saying start fights or start a war. But STAND UP! If you know someone getting bullied or your kids are bullying someone ELSE, get involved! This HAS to stop!”

‘Bully’ serves as a true call to arms to anyone who’s ever been affected by bullying. While it’s not Shinedown’s heaviest song to date, it still packs a punch and delivers on impact with a loud and clear message: “All you’ll ever be is the fading memory of a bully.”

'Amaryllis' is due out on March 27. Watch the lyric video for 'Bully' here.

Listen to Shinedown, 'Bully'