Shinedown have released the video for their new single "Get Up," an uplifting song about a sobering subject. Frontman Brent Smith wrote the lyrics while helping his bassist and friend Eric Bass trying to cope with depression. It's a subject Smith is intimately familiar with, having encountered his own demons and refused to give in to them.

"We don't want people to feel ashamed about what they're going through. ...You're not going to be defined by your failures," Smith said. "You're going to be defined by the fact that you didn't give up."

In the past, Smith often dealt with his personal darkness by drinking. The band's most recent album, Attention! Attention!, which came out May 4, is the first the singer recorded sober.

The video for "Get Up" addresses the themes of the song in a story about the death of a loved one and the effect it has on the bereaved. The clip begins with a woman in a black dress arriving at her luxury home and wandering sedately through the palatial estate.

After the line, "Medication don't do much / It just numbs the brain," the woman sees a well-dressed man walk past her and she closes her eyes. After she walks between two lines of mourners it becomes clear why she's dressed in black and why she looks so distraught.

She enters a ballroom where Shinedown are performing, and live shots of the band are intercut with scenes of the woman holding hands with her late husband and the couple frolicking through a field with their child.

Latter shots depict the couple fighting, making up and the woman sitting in the shower looking utterly dejected. One of the last scenes implies her husband was killed in the military and she is doing her best to overcome her grief. As the upbeat chorus of the song kicks in for the last time, her dress comes off and she jumps into a deep pool, metaphorically cleansing herself from her pain -- at least while the song still plays.

"Reaching far beyond any genre or label, 'Get Up' speaks to the human spirit in a time of need," reads a press release. The video was directed by Bill Yukich, who has previously worked with Marilyn Manson, Wiz Khalifa, Beyonce and others.

Shinedown are currently on a co-headlining tour with Godsmack. Dates run through Dec. 29 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

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