With a full day at sea, ShipRockers had plenty of onboard activities and shows on Day 4. In the morning, fans got to meet and greet with Seether, Avatar, Islander and Helmet while afternoon meet and greets were held with Five Finger Death Punch, Nonpoint, 10 Years and supergroup the Stowaways.

Due to high unruly winds, all of the Deck Stage performances outside were moved inside and the times were re-arranged and all outside activities such as the infamous belly flop competition were canceled. It wasn’t a full wash out though as ShipRockers still caught awesome acts over in the Spinnaker Lounge, after the Cancer Sucks Charity auction raised well over $90,000.

The Glorious Sons and Like A Storm, who were supposed to perform outside, took the intimate lounge by storm.  Canadian rock act the Glorious Sons delighted fans with their lively performance, as barefoot frontman Brett Emmons possesses a Jim Morrison-esque spirit onstage. While Glorious Sons performed, Like A Storm fans were already lined up outside of Spinnaker. The sweat-filled set and the energy of Like A Storm was far too massive for the small stage. When yours truly told guitarist Matt Brooks the next day about being covered in Like A Storm sweat, he simply said, “Well, you were in the danger zone.” If you find yourself in front for a club show with Like A Storm be prepared to sweat it out with these New Zealand rockers.

It was a busy night for Stardust Theater as eardrums boomed with a heavy and loud set provided by the legendary Helmet. ShipRockers' ears got no rest as Hellyeah performed later in the evening with an obliterating set of their own. Because they were moved from the large Deck Stage to Stardust, Five Finger Death Punch arranged to play two back to back sets so any fan who hadn't seen them perform on the ship yet would have a chance to catch them perform. Whether you’re a part of the almighty Kael army or you’re a fans of Zoltan Bathory’s dread banging, Five Finger Death Punch remain one of the most energetic live rock acts out there today.

Although ShipRocked 2016 has come and gone, the memories remain and there’s already talk of ShipRocked 2017! Many veteran ShipRockers missed having the very talented and personable Sevendust and Living Colour on board while others wanted party rockers Crobot and Wilson back on the boat. One thing is for sure every year ShipRocked gets bigger and better. Who will be a part of ShipRocked next year? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Check out our gallery above of some of the bands that rounded out the last day of ShipRocked 2016!