The creativity has been flowing through the Sixx: A.M. camp, even as bassist and namesake Nikki Sixx recently sits thousands of miles away in Australia with Motley Crue, while frontman James Michael and guitarist DJ Ashba are elsewhere in the world. Sixx: A.M. recently revealed that there were plans for a new record this year, and they've been quietly writing away for the disc over the last few months.

In a new Facebook posting, the group says, "We have so many songs written. Now the hard part -- putting it all together. So far this is the best songs we have written as a band and on so many levels extremely adventurous ... James has the dirty task of producing this monster ... God bless him."

Sixx himself seems reinvigorated by the creative process. During the Crue's recent shows down under, he wrote that he stayed up late just to enjoy "a little middle of the night" piece, tracking some bass on a song to return to Michael for his production work. He added, "The way Sixx:A.M. is recording this album is we all get together and write the songs face to face and then record it in pieces. Sometimes we’re together and sometimes we’re in separate towns (and countries) since none of us live in the same city."

In Loudwire's recent interview with Sixx, he stated, "This time we really want to fly on our own. We started out the songwriting process by having conversations about how far we can push ourselves musically … Our conversations were, ‘Let’s go as far to the left as we can, musically’ and once we finish up a handful of songs that are pretty out there … I don’t even want to use any kind of references because it’ll throw people and they won’t really understand what I’m talking about. But we’re just taking a lot of chances musically and at this point nothing sounds at all like Sixx: A.M. that you would know, because we’re taking such huge leaps of faith that we’re going to land on our feet."

Stay tuned for more updates from Sixx: A.M. as they get closer to a new album release.