Motley Crue are coming to an end as a touring band, but for Nikki Sixx that means that he'll finally be able to commit all his time to his other group Sixx: A.M., who have seen their star rise after three successful albums. Earlier this year, Sixx seemed ready to draw a line between the two bands, stating about Sixx: A.M., "We don't play Motley Crue music and we will never play Motley Crue music. The day Motley Crue plays its last show, I will never play another Motley Crue song again." However, it appears that Sixx has softened his stance a bit, but with a catch.

In a new interview with RockSverige (seen above), Sixx states, "I said, 'I will never play Motley Crue music again,' because I wanted people to hear me. I wanted them to hear that we [Sixx: A.M.] have five hit singles right now, we have a double record coming out, we've got two years of touring. It's really not part of the plan."

He continues, "After seeing my own words in the press, I was, like, who knows? Maybe four or five years down the road, maybe we'll do an acoustic version of 'Live Wire' or do some interesting … But you will never see this band [Sixx: A.M.] lean on Motley Crue, because I don't think that's fair. I wrote the songs, so I guess I'm entitled to play them if I want. I just want some distance."

As Sixx stated, Sixx: A.M. will return in a big way in 2016 with a pair of albums expected to arrive in stores and online. Sixx revealed in late November that he had finished all the bass parts for both albums and that the group was in the process of ironing out their release details and 2016 tour dates. He went on to add, "I feel like we have topped ourselves on both albums song wise, but in the end our fans will make that decision for us."

So get those tickets for the final Motley Crue dates, then prepare yourself for a big year from Sixx: A.M. in 2016.

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