Update: Sebastian Bach offered his response to Scotti Hill's comments in the form of a tweeted GIF. Check out the post below is which the singer and his family is hanging out with Hill and his, with the caption "volatile situation."

There was a point where it looked like Skid Row might bury the hatchet with former frontman Sebastian Bach, but that reunion never came. And in a new interview with Scotti Hill on Another FN Podcast, the guitarist says he doesn't envision that reunion ever happening at this point.

"That door is closed," says Hill in the chat that can be heard in the player below. "There was talk about it, the two camps went back and forth, and it was not to happen. So that door is now shut."

When pressed if that meant "forever," Hill added, "Yeah, I believe so. I tell you what: our singer, ZP Theart, he's a brother, man. He's a great f--king singer, he's a great frontman, he's a guy I look forward to seeing, a guy I look forward to hanging out with. We trust him with the band that we've been in all this time, and that is precious to us. We can go out and lay and enjoy ourselves."

Hill says he understands the desire by some fans to see the classic lineup reunited, but he adds, "We appreciate fans -- we do. We're probably the most fan-friendly band you'll ever meet ... We'll go out in the cold, we'll hang out with them, but what we won't do is put ourselves in a volatile situation and be unhappy and destroy what we have now."

But while Hill has nixed the idea of Bach returning, he did encourage fans to not pick sides and go see Bach. Speaking of his former bandmate, Hill stated, "He's not a rock star, he's a superstar, man. He's great. I totally realize what he is. I'll speak for myself: he is a guy ... he'll cut his own throat to do a good show. He puts it all out there. He's a great singer and a great frontman ... one of the all-time greats, but we're not working together."

Hill went on to say that the records Bach did with Skid Row were great and the singer did a great job, but a reunion just can't happen. "Everybody's like, 'Oh, we're on Skid Row's side,' or 'We're on Sebastian's side.' No, no, no, no ... you've gotta be on the side of rock and roll, and when Sebastian plays in your town, go see him, cause he's great. When Skid Row plays in town, go see 'em, cause we'll f--king blow your ass away."

Hear more of Scotti Hill's discussion about the state of Skid Row in the player below.

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