It's time to test your skills as Skillet. The veteran rock band is having some added fun this Friday (April 10), giving fans a video game experience to coincide with the recent release of their "Save Me." video.

Fans can head to the band's website where they will get to play an arcade-like game as any of the four Skillet band members. Once a character is selected, the player runs through a maze where they attempt to avoid certain icons associated with the "Save Me" video. Stay away from John Cooper's "hand," try to avoid Jen Ledger's poison water bottle, flee from John's fire and keep an eye out for other obstacles all while gathering up dots and keys.

Courtesy of Skillet
Courtesy of Skillet

The new video game comes on the heels of the band's recently released "Save Me" video. The group premiered the clip last week while also hosting a Q&A session that drew over 10,000 fans. In its short span online, the "Save Me" video has already eclipsed over a million views.

“’Save Me’ is about the darker side of you that you are afraid to show people," state the group. "It’s about getting honest and asking for help, both spiritually and naturally speaking. We wanted to release a fun game that reminds fans we all have fears to overcome, but can come out Victorious on the other side. We hope it gives fans a fun break during their quarantine!”

Like many acts currently self isolation, John and Korey Cooper have also been creating some acoustic performance content for their fans and posting them to their social accounts. Check out the piano version of "Anchor," an unplugged version of the fan favorite "Whispers in the Dark" and more.

To get started with Skillet's "Save Me" video game, click here.

Skillet, "Save Me" Video

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