Skillet’s Seth Morrison is a Tiger Woods fanboy and he's totally obsessed with golf. In this interview, fellow golf fiend Squiggy gets into the weeds with the Skillet guitarist.

Morrison tells Squiggy, “I was about nine or 10 years old and funny enough I started playing golf around the same time I started playing guitar.” He credits his older brother for getting him into the game.

Like many golfers, Morrison has his own superstitions, revealing his to be “three tees and two balls in the right pocket, my divot tool ball marker in my left pocket. My glove always goes in the right back pocket.”

Morrison says as a child of the ‘90s, he grew up admiring Tiger Woods, stating, “To this day, he’s still one of my favorite athletes. To my generation, he made golf cool.” He even tried to emulate the golfing great, adding, “I had my red polo and my black Nike hat. Everyone wanted to be Tiger.”

When asked for his favorite Tiger moment, Morrison says, “I have to say, just a few weeks ago [at the Masters], and only because we never thought we’d see it again.” The musician recalls rushing offstage overseas to watch the end of the tournament. “I teared up. When he was walking up 18, I just couldn’t believe it.”

While golf is his offstage passion, music is his main love, and Skillet are ramping up to an Aug. 2 street date for their latest effort, Victorious. Reserve your pre-order here and look for Skillet on tour at these stops.

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