Skillet have been lying in wait, but the time has finally come to reveal the news of their next album. The record will be titled Victorious, and it's on schedule for an Aug. 2 street date via Atlantic Records.

The band revealed the news through Billboard, who also premiered the band's new lyric video for the single "Legendary." The song, which some fans might recognize from their touring, is a very anthemic track for the band. "It's actually a little different for Skillet as well," singer John Cooper says. "That opening guitar riff isn't like anything we've ever done on guitar. It's a little bit bluesy, a little bit rock. I thought it was cool." The clip can be see at the bottom of this post.

"It's the first time that me and Korey [Cooper] produced most of the record ourselves," the vocalist added. "When I was looking at what we did well on Unleashed, I thought it was a real energizing and fun record to listen to. That's what a great Skillet record is -- songs that make people want to put their fists up in the air at a concert or get them through a run or drive or whatever they are doing. So we set out to make a record that had a lot of emotion to it."

He stated in a separate interview with, "I think it's got more teeth. It feels really aggressive — a very passionate record," adding, "There's a few songs that other people did, but we did seven of the tracks ourselves. So, some of it was, like, you know what? We don't have to have anybody go, 'Dude, that's a little much. It's not pop enough, it's not commercial enough. It's too long.' We just kind of were off the leash. And we really had a great time making it."

While a track listing has yet to be revealed, Skillet did state in their announcement that the song "Anchor" would be the first single going to Christian radio, appeasing that side of their audience. In addition, the band has also played the new songs "Rise Up" and "Dead Man Walking" live on their recent touring.

Skillet will return to the road shortly, with an appearance at Epicenter coming this Friday (May 10) and a co-headlining tour with Sevendust coming this summer. See all their scheduled stops here.

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