After much speculation, Slash has revealed that Guns N' Roses will not be performing at the April 14 ceremony in which the band will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

"We’re not playing," affirmed Slash to the QMI Agency. "I would imagine that they asked us to play but I know that we’re not playing." We are assuming that Slash is speaking for the classic GN'R lineup, but it seems as if GN'R will not play at the ceremony in any incarnation.

However, the ex-GN'R axeman did confirm that he would be at the Cleveland, Ohio, event. "It’s a formal, I hate formals,” Slash griped, adding that he was positive former GN'R drummer Steven Adler would be there, too. "Steven wouldn’t miss it,” he remarked. Slash recently collaborated with Adler on a track slated for the latter's upcoming album.

Regarding the attendance of the remaining members of the band's classic lineup, including singer Axl Rose, Slash said he "would assume" they will attend. As far as the Hall of Fame honor itself, the guitarist admits it hasn't quite sunk in. "Either it hasn’t hit me yet or maybe it’s been so long since I had anything to do with Guns N’ Roses that I just don’t really get it."

For now, Slash is concentrating on his upcoming album, 'Apocalyptic Love,' which includes the first single 'You're a Lie.'

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