Ah, the time of year that drives everyone crazy — putting up the lights! Well, everyone except for Slayer Bob. He is the man responsible for some heavy metal Christmas displays including the dazzling Jeff Hanneman tribute in 2013. A medley of Slayer songs were strung together and set to a coordinated light display outside his house the year Hanneman passed away. This year he's back with two setups with one dedicated to Slipknot (video above) and the other to Disturbed (video below).

The first video shows Santa with a guitar rocking out next with an elf drummer to the stomping Slipknot anthem "Psychosocial." The drum hits are as closely synced up as can be considering the obvious limitations Slayer Bob has to work with. There's a few trees to the right of the holiday rockers and a headbanging snowman looking pretty evil off to the left.

The Disturbed light show gives fans a second dose this year and is truly a testament to Slayer Bob's work ethic. Coordinating this type of display takes painstaking labor, patience and probably a few signature metal band beers along the way. The display here sees a tree sing along to the band's hit, "Stricken" which is the highlight of the display. Like previous years, the metal horns make another appearance in case anyone walking by still wasn't clued in to what is happening here.

To see all of Slayer Bob's previous displays, including Pantera, Metallica, Machine Head and Slayer, visit his YouTube channel here.

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