Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo has been taking shots at his former band lately via a series of interviews. In particular, Lombardo has chosen to, at times, not mention the name of current Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph by name, rather calling him "the other drummer" or "the other guy" instead. Finally, Bostaph has responded, admitting that he's "tired of hearing" Lombardo's side of the story.

Let's recap Dave Lombardo's most recent dismissals of Slayer's current lineup. Back in August, Lombardo claimed that Slayer is currently missing "that magic." In September, Lombardo discredited Bostaph's potential contributions to Slayer's next album, claiming that Bostaph was simply recording over Lombardo's parts he had been working on for years. Soon after, Lombardo claimed, “If you wanna listen to [Slayer's upcoming] album, you might as well just pick up the last album. It’s nothing new.”

We've all been wondering how Paul Bostaph feels about Lombardo's declarations, and in a new interview with radio host Andrew Haug, Bostaph opens up. "Kerry [King] has a specific way he writes, and it really hasn't changed throughout the years," Bostaph explains. "That's the one thing about Kerry and, respectfully, Jeff [Hanneman] that I knew. I knew how they wrote. Both Kerry and Jeff have a very strong idea of what they want the drums to do when they come in. Kerry, when he comes in and he shows you an arrangement, he's gonna go, 'I want this kind of beat here,' or 'that kind of beat here,' or 'double bass here.' After a while, you figure it out and you interject your different ideas into the parts. Certain drum fills here, or maybe there's a part of the song where he's, like, 'I don't really know what I want the drums to do here, so do whatever you do here.'"

Bostaph adds, "So when Kerry shows you something, I know he's got in his mind what he wants. So there's not a lot of room for a drummer to do anything in the music, but you have to know how to color it. But certainly the songs are brought in in a very strong format before you really get a chance to dig in. And maybe the arrangements may change a little bit here or there, but that's one of those things where you've just gotta get in a room [and work it out]."

More specifically about Lombardo, Bostaph adds, "I'm not gonna call Dave 'the other guy.' He's Dave. He's Dave Lombardo … In terms of the new record, I heard that Dave [said that he] wrote all the parts on the new record for the drums. It's funny that I didn't see him anywhere around when I was working on the music. So it's one of those things where I get where he's coming from, but, man, there's two sides to every story, and I'm getting a little tired of hearing his. And I'm just gonna leave it at that, because I don't take it personally."

Stay tuned for more news on Slayer's upcoming album as new breaks.

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