Unique Slayer covers have been blowing up online lately, and we've got another awesome one to share with you. In this video, four Renaissance Fair folk musicians pulverize a Slayer medley while performing on a real-life monument to the late Jeff Hanneman.

Earlier this year, a charity auction in Poland offered bidders a chance to name a traffic circle in the town of Jaworzno. With a bid of roughly $5,115, the company Art-Com won the auction and chose the name :Jeff Hanneman's Circle Pit." Raise your horns in respect, ladies and gentlemen.

So, when these four folk artists decided to pay their respects to Jeff Hanneman via YouTube, they headed over to Jaworzno and staged their medley on Jeff Hanneman's Circle Pit. The musicians jamming the circle can be heard in folk metal band Percival Schuttenbach and folk act Percival.

The hilarity factor is obvious, but this group's Slayer medley is genuinely good. Starting off with 'Seasons in the Abyss', the folk band captures the atmospheric creepiness of the Hanneman-penned opening lead, along with the track's main hook. From there, the quartet blast straight into what may be Hanneman's magnum opus, 'Raining Blood'.

In the "About" section of the group's YouTube video, the folk fiends shared a bit of info on shooting the clip:

Real folk metal! \m/

This video was made in a small Polish town Jaworzno, on Jeff Hanneman's Circle Pit. Our friend and the greatest Slayer fan we know - Ziutek - encouraged us to record ourselves playing Slayer cover. The task wasn't easy - the traffic was quite heavy and we had difficulties even with getting to the traffic circle. The noise of cars passing by drowned out the sound of our instruments. For that reason we needed to record the sound once again.

The whole event was a huge attraction to the local people. In addition, it caused some small problems in the traffic and municipal police arriving. Fortunately it ended up with a verbal warning.

Now we have a great remembrance of that moment. It's our small tribute to the one of the greatest metal bands. SLAYER!!!

Greetings to all Slayer fans and those who on that day were on the circle pit!

Check out the awesome Slayer medley in the video above!

Thanks to Loudwire reader Sebastian F. for the tip!

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